The Buggy Story


Lead Staff

Thomas Fasching





The continuation of a passion

When Thomas Fasching, the man behind RideXpower, put together his first tour on an Enduro motorcycle in the Dracula Mountains of Romania, no one had any idea that it would evolve into the world's largest off-road enduro touring agency.

With a passion for creating off road tours in the most beautiful places on Earth, Thomas began researching ways to make these unique, and often remote places accessible to everyone. Hence, the introduction of World Buggy Tours. What’s more fun than touring spectacular landscapes with your wife, child, or best friend from the comfort of an off-road buggy?

Whether we are traversing the wind-swept peaks of the Dracula Mountains, or meandering through the meadows and forests of the valleys, a World Buggy tour is true adventure. Your luggage fits neatly into the trunk and the guides know the best routes to the destination. With an automatic transmission, the buggy is easy to drive, allowing you to enjoy the journey. All that’s needed is a helmet and outdoor clothing.

Once again, everything started in the Dracula Mountains. This landscape thrills and inspires you from the first moment, and you will want to return here once again, where the legend of Dracula lives on.